Just finished reading – Flesh and Blood (Patricia Cornwell)

Rating: 2/5

Read again: Hmmm not likely and only to see if I can change my mind about the book

I am a HUGE Dr Scarpetta fan but I have to say that the latest book that I got given for Christmas was not that thrilling.

It started off well, with a strange incident and Dr Scarpetta’s house, Marino in his typical bad mood, Janet moody and withdrawn hiding something interesting for sure, and a suspected killer that doesn’t seem to fit.  But it just never seemed to take off or grab me.  It never peaked at that “leave me alone I want to keep reading” point.  The book had an interesting storyline and so much potential but just plateaued soon after it started and never really went anywhere.

Maybe I do just need to read it again?

Where to buy it:

Book Depository AU$21.57 http://www.bookdepository.com/Flesh-Blood-Patricia-Cornwell/9780007552436

Dymocks AU$39.99 https://www.dymocks.com.au/book/flesh-and-blood-by-patricia-cornwell-9780732299149/#.VP1aEOaUe8A

World of Books AU$11.30 http://www.worldofbooks.com/flesh-and-blood-by-patricia-cornwell.html


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